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    Fga Oracle 11g

      Hi everybody I have enabled FGA in oracle database 11g, i want to know when the policies was created , is possible?
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          Marcus Rangel
          I'm not sure if I understand the question. If you mean the creation date for the policies that you see on DBA_POLICIES, here it is:
          select u.name OWNER, o.name, r.pname, o.ctime CREATED, r.pfschma, r.ppname, r.pfname
          from   sys.user$ u, sys.obj$ o, sys.rls$ r
          where  u.user# = o.owner#
          and    r.obj# = o.obj#;
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            i hope this what you looking for
             SQL> select DB_USER,OS_USER,POLICY_NAME,SQL_TEXT, TIMESTAMP from dba_fga_audit_trail where POLICY_NAME='Name';