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    Oracle Linux 6.4 ISO Image Boot Problem


      I'm having difficulty booting a burned DVD ISO image of Oracle Linux 6.4 when I have previously had no problems with previous OL releases. I have done the following...

      Downloaded the x86_64 image file, V37084-01.iso
      Checked the MD5 checksum - all good
      Burned the image to DVD

      However, when I try to boot from this DVD my PC boots straight to the hard drive installation of OL6.3, it's as if it doesn't recognise the DVD as a bootable image. And, I have burned the image to multiple DVDs to rule out a bad burn.

      All my BIOS settings are correct for booting from the DVD and as per my previous successful DVD installations of OL and other operating systems. I checked this with another Linux distribution which booted from the DVD fine.

      Has anyone else had this problem???

      Many thanks