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        Matthew Morris
        Roger25 wrote:
        And again.. some topics are missing from 'Exam topics' page
        I cannot see the Data warehouse topics, and now I'm in doubt if that section is still mandatory for the exam or not.
        It's dying in the same place as before. The last topic on the page is obviously truncated and has an escaped 'less than' sign: *...execution& lt;*

        There is obviously a problem with the HTML on that page. I have no doubt that the topics are still part of the exam.
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          Matthew Morris
          Now waiting for feedback from candidates
          Feedback: I would say that this as the hardest Oracle Certification exam that I have ever taken. I'll be writing an article for GoCertify.com reviewing the exam in more detail in a couple of days, but for now, my advice is that you do not skimp on prepping for it. I passed, but I'm used to having a considerably larger difference between my score and the passing score. I'll be updating my study guide with more research on all of the areas that surprised me on the exam. However, even the updated guide won't be a substitute for a lot of preparation using other resources.
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            Philippe Ludwig
            is there a full Study Guide for 1Z0-117 (SQL Tuning Expert). I love your guides, but they are only summary.
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              Matthew Morris
              is there a full Study Guide for 1Z0-117 (SQL Tuning Expert).
              Oracle Press is the only publisher that has written any books like you describe for Expert certifications. I wouldn't be surprised if they put one out for the Tuning exam. That said, books like those in the Oracle Press series take much longer to write, and traditional publishing has a significant delay between the completion of the book being written and the time it comes off the presses. I would not expect there to be even the possibility of a guide being available from OPress until late this year
              I love your guides, but they are only summary.
              Thank you. I have considered (and discarded) the idea of writing a soup-to-nuts guide like the Oracle Press series. From my side, there are too many disadvantages and not enough advantages to do so.

              I will note that you have been unhappy about how hard the SQL Expert exam (1Z0-047) is. I consider 1Z0-117 to be considerably harder than that. Part of that, no doubt, is that I use SQL every single day in my work whereas I don't have the same level of daily exposure to the topics of the 117 exam. However, I also believe that the subject matter is inherently easier to construct more difficult questions from. By contrast, SQL syntax is really fairly straightforward, so making SQL questions that can only be answered by experts is a stretch. That's why much of the SQL Expert exam I consider to be 'tricky' rather than 'difficult'.
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                Brandye Barrington-Oracle
                Checking on the exam topics. Not sure why this is happening. It is affecting a few exams.

                Brandye Barrington
                Certification Forum Moderator
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                  I think that those 3 courses from Oracle University Training and Preparation section are a very good in preparing for the exam.
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                    Matthew Morris
                    The Kindle version of my study guide is now available on Amazon. The paperback version will show up in a couple of days:

                    Study Guide for 1Z0-117: Oracle Database 11g Release 2: SQL Tuning
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                      Now i cannot see any HTML problem (& lt; , or something). And the data warehouse topics are not there.

                      I don't understand why Oracle changes the 'Exam topics' section every time and does not verify that content (incomplete, erroneous, etc).
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                        Matthew Morris
                        I don't know. Brandye needs to chime in again. Oracle Database 11g: Administer a Data Warehouse is still being listed as recommended training, and it only has data on the 'missing' topics. I can't recall with certainty whether there were DW questions on the exam. I checked my score report and I didn't miss any from the Data Warehouse sections, but that's not conclusive.
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                          Brandye, a response here? Why Oracle does not verify the accuracy of exam topics?
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                            Brandye Barrington-Oracle
                            Oracle does verify the accuracy of exam topics. The issue is that there is a problem with the tool that publishes the exam topics on the web page. It was stripping out topics. I hope that this issue is fixed now. The topics were updated last time I checked.

                            Brandye Barrington
                            Certification Forum Moderator
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