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    Query works in sqldeveloper but not apex

      In my APEX application, have a textfield on a page in which user enters a code in the format 111-000-461. The textfield item is called p1_searchmergecode

      My query in a report region is this
      select * from t3_mail_piece
      where :P1_searchmergecode BETWEEN start_merge_code and end_merge_code

      I have tried using syntax for all the different session states, but no matter what I do, the query returns 'no data' in the apex application.

      If I run this query in sqldeveloper it returns a correct result

      select * from t3_mail_piece
      where '111-000-461' BETWEEN start_merge_code and end_merge_code;

      302     Travel_Check     American_TAD_Typed_Template     22-APR-13     30-APR-13     555-2424     Scottsdale     1          1350     111-000-461     111-000-465     17                    1                    One Thousand Three Hundred Fifty and 00/100
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