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    HTTP Adapter POST Operation not Working

      Hi All,

      I have a requirement where i need to take an Image as Service Input in a Rest Service & Send that Image as Email Attachment.

      To achieve this I used a HTTP Adapter with Type- Service , Operation- Request-Response & Verb- GET and payload type - url encoded and recieving the image as
      an input in base64Binary element and sending that as attachment. Can test in browser by using the URL.

      <property name="http.verb" type="xs:string" many="false">GET</property>
      <property name="http.payload" type="xs:string" many="false">url-encoded</property>

      This works fine if Image is small , but if Image is large GET does not work due to size limitation of GET , to avoid this in the HTTP Adapter i used Verb- POST

      <property name="http.verb" type="xs:string" many="false">POST</property>
      <property name="http.payload" type="xs:string" many="false">url-encoded</property>

      But this does not work as the Service is not getting Invoked . Created a sample HTML Page which invoke this service with POST but not working . GET works perfectly fine but Issue with POST.

      Please help in identifying the Issue with POST , do i need to do anythng additional in my SOA Service to support HTTP POST.

      If anyone has Implemented a similar scenario pls. guide me .