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    Paragraph/Paragraph List issues

    Daniel L

      We are utilizing paragraph lists to assemble letters. We've noticed that if enough paragraphs are initially triggered to cause the letter to go to a second page, the following happens:

      1) Any variable field cannot be edited on the second page. First page works fine on but on the second page, they don't even appear as a field. They just appear as text - whatever value is in the "Represent With" field. If you open the paragraph selection box and click replace and replace all the paragraphs with themselves, the fields now show up and work as expected.

      2) If the paragraph field is marked as "No Editing", you shouldn't be able to click into the paragraph area and type freely. This works fine for the first page, however on the second page, the paragraph field becomes entirely editable. And while in edit mode, if you hit the back arrow to cause your cursor to move back to the first page, the first page is now editable even though it shouldn't be.

      Any insight into either of these? Any settings I can use to prevent this?

      Thank you in advance.