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    OVM 3.2.1 Import assembly created by Virtual Box


      I have some servers running on Virtual Box that I need to convert to Oracle VM.

      In VirtualBox I exported the machines as .ova files.
      I selected the option 'Write legacy OVF 0.9' Because first I did not select this option and then the import failed in OVM.

      Now the machines are imported as an assembly, and I seen them in the repository folder assemblies.
      I now select the assemly file and click on 'Create VM Template'.
      Now a popup appears and I should select a value from 'Assembly Virtual Machines' LOV. But that LOV is empty. <a href="http://s23.postimage.org/q3hzgwghn/Create_Templage.png"></a>
      Shouldn't that LOV show my assembly or am I forgetting something?