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    How to pass userenv('lang') of EBS user session to APEX 4.2 pages

      Hi friends,

      I have APEX integrated with oracle EBS(with EBS sso, since apex will take the EBS credentials bypassing the apex login page).

      Im been using the codings used in EBS to build a report in APEX. For each and every query of the report contains the language parameter.

      As user is been using the Oracle EBS in both Arabic and English, since they expect my APEX pages too to contain the Arabic data. Suppose for a language parameter if i pass 'AR' then i can bring Arabic data if it is 'US' then i can bring English data.

      Im using in where condition like
      language = USERENV('LANG')
      But it seems that APEX is not taking that EBS language parameter, as the data is not converting to Arabic if i logged with the user(in Arabic) from EBS. I really guess whether APEX is recognizing the EBS user session language inorder to show data.

      How i can make APEX to realize the EBS session user language. Which part im missing in APEX.

      Can anyone help me with this.

      Thanks in advance.