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    Login Studio 3.0?

    Marco Snels

      I have installed OEID 3.0 on Linux 64 bit but I cannot login in Studio.
      I have tried admin@oracle.com with password Welcome123 and all kinds of combinations but nothing works.
      Does anybody here know what the problem is?

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          Is this a brand new 3.0 installation or an upgrade from a previous version?

          If an upgrade, then there is an extra step because of the change in the password encryption. See this topic in the Studio Migration Guide:


          There is also another recent similar thread that might be useful to you - 3.0 - Unable to login using admin@oracle.com / Welcome123


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            Marco Snels
            Oh it is working! I can login.

            Is there a "quickstart" dashboard just as in version 2.3 and 2.4?


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              There is a Getting Started application. The full information for ingesting the Getting Started data and importing the Getting Started application into Studio is in the Getting Started Guide.