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    Accessibility - Disabled Button Issue

    Jai Om-Oracle

      I am using Jdev with ADF Faces technology stack.
      I have implemented accessibility option setting in my application. I am facing one issue that when accessibility options are "on" and it is tested for accessibility compatibility, it fails for disabled command buttons with message:
      3.48:1 Fail. Either improve the ratio to 4.5:1 or increase the font size to 14pt bold or 18pt normal - (STYLE-3)
      I am using OGHAG Toolbar for Firefox. This is a firefox plugin that has a option of "Colour Contrast Analyzer", which when pressed, while my application, produces a report. Everything looks good except disabled buttons.
      This is happening for inbuilt buttons like "Wrap" on af:table surrounded with af:panelCollection or simple First/Previous/Next/Last navigation button. So the enabled buttons has no issues but disabled appears "red" (highlighted as error) on page
      Just to clarify that there is no custom style/skin applied on command buttons.

      My questions:
      1. Does the ADF out-of-box buttons compatible with accessibility option?
      2. What fix is required in this case? Do I need to use darker background/foreground color or a bigger font for disabled button?

      Any help here is highly appreciated.