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    ORA-16552 on switchover

      I am getting this error when doing a switchover through oem grid control:

      ORA-16552: error occurred while generating directives for client

      I find this in the alert log:

      Process (ospid 15269954) is suspended due to switchover to physical standby operation.

      and sometimes:
      ORA-16456: switchover to standby in progress or completed

      which pointed me to a trace file that showed that the process running actually belonged to the agent.

      Research on MOS indicated that there was a known bug relating to stored profiles. However, select * from dba_profiles returned 0 rows, so I dont think its related to that bug.

      I can resolve the problem by manually shutting down and startup mount the instance, but I really need for this operation to work going through oem. Anyone have ideas?

      Oracle, oem grid control 11g (though I dont think its a problem with grid control per se).