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      Hi All,

      i have configured oracle 10gr2(OS: RHEL4) standby configuration on my laptop.
      am facing below error.

      ORA-16012: Archivelog standby database identifier mismatch

      how to trouble shoot above prob.

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          on which VM you have configured above setup?
          is it single node or 2 node ..i mean on same server or diff server setup..plz confirm.

          As per the oracle documentaion please check below.
          query the V$ARCHIVE_DEST view and check for error message?

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            on which VM you have configured above setup?
            oracle VM.
            is it single node or 2 node ..i mean on same server or diff server setup..plz confirm.
            its 2 node. actually i have configured primary and standby in diff server not in same server.
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              are you able to ping to each other?
              check and confirm.
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                yes am able to ping primary to standby ..standby to primary vise verse...
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                  have you checked V$ARCHIVE_DEST?

                  As per the oracle documentation, please check below ones
                  SELECT DEST_ID "ID", STATUS "DB_status", DESTINATION "Archive_dest", ERROR "Error" FROM V$ARCHIVE_DEST ;

                  If the output of the query does not help you, check the following list of possible issues.
                  If any of the following conditions exist, log transport services will fail to transmit redo data to the standby database:
                  The service name for the standby instance is not configured correctly in the tnsnames.ora file for the primary database.
                  The Oracle Net service name specified by the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n parameter for the primary database is incorrect.
                  The LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_STATE_n parameter for the standby database is not set to the value ENABLE.
                  The listener.ora file has not been configured correctly for the standby database.
                  The listener is not started at the standby site.
                  The standby instance is not started.
                  You have added a standby archiving destination to the primary SPFILE or text initialization parameter file, but have not yet enabled the change.
                  You used an invalid backup as the basis for the standby database (for example, you used a backup from the wrong database, or did not create the standby control file using the correct method).