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    Claim/Release and refresh the human taskflow after the action

    Muhammed Soyer
      I have human taskflow that was custom developed in ADF. I have Claim and Release buttons visible based and their availability.
      My problem I can't refresh their visibility after executing any of them . I mean once I Cleaim a task, Claim button should be be invisible and Release button should become visible.
      Their visibility is controlled by actionAvailable.claimAvailable 's value. Which is a built in bean generated by BPM.
      I tried navigating to a different page and returning to the original page where buttons are visible to ensure that all page iterators reexecutes. But it didn't work either.

      If I re-open the task then the visible is refreshed properly but this is not a very user friendly way of handling it.

      Any suggestions would be be appreciated ..

      I am on