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    Logdump - DML count


      I need to find the count(*) of Inserts , Updates, Deletes for a particular table from a series of Trail files - Do we have an option in Logdump ?

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          You can browse through a trail via Logump and filter on the operation type (e.g., insert). You can filter on multiple operations (so include insert, update and delete to get your DML). A count function is also available. You can log your session to a text file as well. A straight COUNT will give you what you're looking for.

          Logdump ## >filter include iotype insert
          Logdump ## >count
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            How do you use multiple filters at one time? Such as, I want to filter for ONLY updates (FieldComp) for table XYZ?

            Each time I run the comand "filter include filename TABLE.XYZ" and then execute the command "filter include iotype fieldcomp" (or vice versa) it only leads with the filter command I issued first. So in the above example, it's only filtering for table XYZ and giving me inserts, deletes, and updates as well.
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              You need to use the FILTER MATCH ALL

              Logdump 119 >filter include filename CORRECT.XYZ
              Logdump 120 >filter include optype FieldComp
              filter match all
              filter show <-- to verify that both filters are used