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    Publishing message to JMS Queue on Weblogic from OSB proxy service


      1. I have created a JMS module: testModule and a JMS queue: testQueue in the weblogic admin console.
      2. Created a business service with the above queue as endpoint.
      3. Created a proxy service which publishes the message to the queue using the business service. I have used Publish activity to publish the message to the business service.

      When i run the proxy service with the request message, then, no error is coming but, in the admin console when i click on JMS module->testModule->testQueue->Monitoring tab, i see nothing. There are no entries in the table so, how can i check if the message is properly published to the queue or not.

      The queue is not listened by any service for consuming the messages.

      Kindly help me in figuring out this issue.

      Thanks in advance.