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    Issue with path reference in apex.min.css file using Theme 25

      Hi all.

      I upgraded recently to Apex and my existing applications had been working fine. I then thought I'd changed the theme to Theme 25 as it was a new one available to me. This was fine and the application works well however I wanted to test a change to the css so I copied the apex.min.css file and renamed it as apex.min_copy.css. I made my small change, which was just a change to the background colour of the table in apexir.WORKSHEET. I then uploaded this through the shared components and referenced it in my header using
      I also commented out the referenced to #APEX_CSS# in the header so it would use my uploaded copy and not be overridden.

      When I then ran the application again, it prompted me for the xdb username and password. I tracked this down to lines in the css file where the relative path to an image in the file was like ../ws/image_name

      For example:

        background-image : url(../ws/report_bg.gif);
      I took these lines out, uploaded again and it was fine and my change was visible, meaning that the #WORKSPACE_IMAGES#apex.min_copy.css was being read correctly. I can also browse the location of these files on the xdb database using a browser connected a system and I can see the files where i expect them to be.What I cannot understand is how other references to images in this css file such as

      background : url(../apex/builder/dev-bar.png) 0 0 repeat-x transparent;
      background-image : url(../htmldb/builder/builder_find_bg.png);
      do not cause an issue but the one mentioned earlier(/ws) does

      I hope someone has an idea .


      Colm Dickson