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    Offline critical patch on 10gR2


      I would like to use offline critical patch cause my host is behind a proxy.

      I downloaded the metacache, and upload them to Grid.
      First, i upload all in time, and after, tryed to re-upload them one by one.

      All checkbox are green for upload. But when i launch the "REFRESH_FROM_METALINK_JOB", i got an error:

      Mode hors ligne. Utilisation du cache de conseils sur les patches critiques.

      Détails des données ARU
      URL : .../download_seed_data?table=aru_products
      La ressource d'URL est introuvable. Cette ressource est obligatoire pour exécuter le travail RefreshFromMyOracleSupport.

      The OMS is configured in Offline mode, with a Metadata Dump Directory created, and available

      I don't know what to do.