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    UPK 3.5.1 install problem

      i am trying to install UPK 3.5.1 on a laptop with windows XP and microsoft 2007.

      OnDemand 8.5.1 is already installed on the laptop.

      the installation had this error:

      ERROR System.ApplicationException: Invalid entry "..\Images\aboutphoto.jpg" in \\corpfilesrv\public$\IS\Management Practices\OnDemand\Previous Files\Oracle UPK 3.5.1\UPKTool\Content\Exec\~include.txt

      the text document has three lines:




      are these images required?

      what is wrong with the text document?
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          it was suggested that i try to install from the C:\ drive rather than our repository drive.

          got the same results.

          i removed the "include.txt" file and the install found another "include.txt" file.

          got the same results.

          are these "include.txt' files part of the original install process or have they been added?

          this install process has been used by others to install on their laptops.
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            Marc Santosusso
            It sounds like the UPK installation media might be corrupt, not fully extracted from the zip file, or otherwise incomplete. I would suggest logging a support ticket in My Oracle Support if you have not already done so. Additional information can be found in the announcement at the top of this forum: https://forums.oracle.com/forums/ann.jspa?annID=1175

            Best regards,