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      hi i am new OEDQ....

      i did new project done using by profilers....

      nw i need help to do another project in matching....

      if u knw to do job for email verification Use matching, give information or instruction fr me

      thanks ,

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          Slightly open question!

          If you are verifying whether or not email addresses exist by checking against a list of known email addresses, I would suggest you do not need matching; you just need a Lookup Check... and the lookup can then be against staged, external or reference data.

          If you want to start learning about matching in EDQ, I would suggest you start with the Matching Concept Guide in the online help, and then also read the help for the match processors.


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            is any material for edq about over all concepts with proper instruction (how to connect and use) and examples in online

            i see it guidance of edq concept but nt fully helpful for me...

            thank you for reply
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              It's not clear what question you are asking.

              There are numerous concepts in EDQ, and numerous ways of connecting it and using it.

              'Proper instructions' for how to use EDQ are in the online help, including introductory guides to all of the major concepts as well as a getting started guide.

              How to achieve configuration with EDQ to meet specific use cases requires some familiarity with using the product that will only come from working with it on some data. The only times where step-by-step instructions will make sense are where you use pre-configured projects, such as those in the EDQ Customer Data Services Pack, or Oracle Watchlist Screening.