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    Passing attribute in dvt:lineGraph

      is it possible to pass f:attribute values within a graph

                            <dvt:lineGraph id="NCLChart" subType="LINE_VERT_ABS">
                              <dvt:legendArea automaticPlacement="AP_NEVER"/>
                              <dvt:legendTitle text="Legend Title"/>
                              <dvt:graphFootnote text="Footnote"/>
                              <dvt:graphSubtitle text="Subtitle"/>
                              <dvt:graphTitle text="Title"/>
                              <dvt:o1Title text="O1-Axis Title"/>
                              <dvt:y1Title text="Y1-Axis Title"/>
                              <f:attribute name="portItemCode" value="PORT_NCL"/>
                              <f:attribute name="portItemName" value="NCL"/>
      the JDeveloper IDE is giving an error saying "Attribute is not a valid child of a line element. The 'short desc' attribute should be set and non-empty'

      Any idea on this one? I have to pass the above attributes to the back end bean from this Graph. what is another way of doing this?

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          Yes it is possible , bind the variable to pageFlowScope.

          <f:attribute name="portItemCode" value="#{pageFlowScope.portitemcode}"/>

          In managed bean write code something like this that will dynamically take the value.

          PageFlowScope pf = (PageFlowScope)afctx.getPageFlowScope();
          pf.put("portitemcode", "PORT_NCL");

          Hope it hepls , once resolved please mark properly.

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            Thanks for the reply Hasim,

            sorry for this incomplete post, here is my complete scenario. I have drop-downs on the page. the partialTrigger is set to one of the drop-downs on the graph. I have a binding component to the graph from the bean. there are multiple graphs on the same page and all bound to a UIComponent. the attribute values are specific to the graph that gets updated after the drop-down value is changed. I have achieved this using Trinidad. I am trying to migrate to ADF and when I add the f:attribute line within the dvt:lineGraph, f: here is http://java.sun.com/jsf/core.
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              Sashank Pappu
              Hi ,

              Can you please let me know how did u do it with Triandad . And is their any possility to send values dynamically (Eg: based on checkbox or something of that kind a query needs to be executed and should display the dynamic graph ).

              Thank you,
              Sashank P