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    Mark View Object non-Dirty/not-Changed Programmatically

    Jai Om-Oracle

      My Jdev version is with ADF BC and ADF Faces as technology stack.
      I have a use case where I need to programmatically mark the view object as not-Dirty and let the framework ignore the changes and not consider as something pending to be committed.

      Please consider following scenario:
      I have a page where radio list is implemented using model driven LOV [List type as Radio Group] defined on a transient view object.
      This transient VO has just one column which is used on UI to implement radio list. The list of values are coming from a static view objects. Everything works fine.
      There is one issue that when you change a radio list value, obviously the attribute value is changed, and if you try to navigate to some other place, browser uncommitted data warning is displayed.
      Just to clarify a bit more that my application's design is such that where these radio list is implemented that page is basically a read-only page and no other data can be modified. Also suppression of browser warning is not an option.

      I am looking for a solution that should prevent this to happen:
      1) Either I internally commit after every value change (less preferred)
      2) OR call some method on view object to inform that keep the changed value without making the data control dirty
      3) Any other solution/approach

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          Timo Hahn
          It may be better to store the selected radio value in a bran property or a page variable. Then changing the value would not make the transaction dirty.
          In this car you have to to the mapping of the dejected index to the real value yourself. Check out http://wp.me/pcBZk-rG and http://wp.me/pcBZk-sA for more info about how to do this.

          Or you try to refresh the row with '