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    APEX integration problem with EBS while passing parameters

      Hi friends,

      I just integrated APEX with EBS R12 with help of Rodwest document. In that under the function in system administrator responsibility we will be passing generally two parameters

      one is application=101&page=101.

      The above two parameters is used in the jsp in which it takes those parameters and it redirects to the apex page. But in that jsp they have also given the other parameters like

      item_names and item_values

      so i tried to pass these parameters also with the application and page parameter that i used in the function which is in the system administrator responsibility.

      i passed like below
      But the above is not working, since it redirects to the apex page from EBS menu but it not taking the item name and the item value in the apex url.

      Im not sure where im missing. Can you friends, guide me of how to get the item name and item value in the apex url soon after it redirects from the EBS menu.

      thanks in advance.