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    migrate VM´s from 2.2.2 to 3.1

      I need to now whats the best way to migrate our running VM´s from old OVS 2.2.2 to a new system OVS 3.1.
      We installed a spare system with OVS3.1.

      I found a meta link note to save the VM´s as a template and to clone to the OVM 3.1 servers.

      How to Migrate Oracle VM 2.x guest Virtual Machines to Oracle VM 3.x [ID 1375509.1]

      But does anyone know another way to go ? We have some problem to save all systems as a template.

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          Please review & try the tips/tricks in the following thread & report back your findings of what worked best for you:

          Move OVM 2.2 guests to 3.11 OVM

          Thus far I have mainly been focused on getting my ovs-3.2.1 single server/local storage VMs moved to our new ovs3.2.1 HA cluster & used the SimpleHTTPServer method which worked great for 3.2.1 to 3.2.1... Haven't had a chance to do any migrations from our ovs 2 clusters yet but plan to start with the SimpleHTTPServer.

          The SimpleHTTPServer method takes them right off the ovs2 box and directly as templates in the ovs3 box. You can then take the ovs3 template to an ovs3 VM & then delete the template so no big extra space needed on either ovs box (but twice the IO on the ovs3 box)...

          Per Bob's & Dave's recommendations you might be able to bypass the template stage as they indicate the best way to "migrate vms to different/other OVM servers is to import the disks first, and then create a new vm pointing to the imported disks.

          Obviously you need to know the details of the vm you are recreating, such as OS version, PVM vs HVM, etc."

          I haven't tried that yet but am likely going to as I have been having issues with disk types created by P2Vs & template migrations in 3.2.1 causing me to have to manually modify the disk types in the vm.cfg files to get the vms to boot. There may be a better way but that is what I have been doing for now...

          I did take a disk file from a clone of one of my 3.2.1 P2Vs and released it from that clone vm & then attached it to a new 'clean' vm that I created from scratch with a new vm.cfg and it booted fine so I have faith that Bob & Dave are right.

          Please report back what methods seem to work best for you and I will try to do the same.

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            The best and only way I found to migrate OVM 2.2 over to OVM 3.x is to tar up running_pool vms and put them on a webserver. Import as template. More detail: