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    How to refer image from table in organization chart

      Hi Everyone,

      I am using org chart plugin to show the employee hierarchy, the plug-in is downloaded from http://apex-plugin.com/oracle-apex-plugins/region-plugin/google-visualizations-orgchart_187.html

      Current i uploaded the employee photo's in images under shared components -> files and referring in my query like below its working fine, but My question is how to refer employee photo's from table.
      SELECT   TO_CHAR (emp.empno) AS primary_key,
               TO_CHAR (emp.mgr) AS parent_key,
               || '<div>
      <img width="100px" src="wwv_flow_file_mgr.get_file?p_security_group_id='
               || :WORKSPACE_ID
               || '&p_flow_id='
               || :APP_ID
               || '&p_fname='
               || emp.empno
               || '.jpg">
               || '<div style="" font-size:75%''>'
               || emp.empno
               || '</div>'
               || '<div style="" color:red; font-style:italic''>'
               || INITCAP (job)
               || '</div>'
                  AS display_value,
               INITCAP (dept.dname) || ' (' || INITCAP (dept.loc) || ')' AS tooltip,
               dept.dname AS department,
               dept.loc AS location
        FROM   emp, dept
       WHERE   emp.deptno = dept.deptno