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    Role of "str '<EORD>\r\n'" value in control file in sql loader

      Hi All,

      Could any one please let me know what is the exact use of "str '<EORD>\r\n'" statement in control file ?, while populating data from .dat file into database table.

      When I am trying with this option, I am able to load a single record into a database table. If I remove this statement form control file, complete records from file get populated into table. I am using Linux server for imp data with sqlloader.

      Also, Does there any difference to use this statement in control file on Linux server and on AIX server ?

      Here is the structure of my ctl file.

      load data
      infile 'data/EZMAIL/CDSWEB.EZMAIL.dat'
      *"str '<EORD>\r\n'"*
      into table CDSWEB.EZMAIL
      fields terminated by '#<EOFD>#'
      trailing nullcols (