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    Changing default URL or setting up redirect for analytics

    Chris McKinnon

      I'm trying to find a way to configure OBIEE to allow me to log in to analytics without needing the /analytics/saw.dll as part of my URL. Ideally I would like to have analytics accessible at www.mydomain.com instead of www.mydomain.com/analytics.

      One suggestion that I've seen is to set up a redirect from the root of mydomain.com to mydomain.com/analytics/saw.dll?obieehome but I can't seem to figure out where the web root is with Weblogic.

      Any thoughts on how I could accomplish this?

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          Did you refer to : http://blog.obi-business-intelligence.com/2009/10/how-to-change-obiee-url-address.html

          I do not know how that index and move.html works in here :(


          To change the context root in WLS refer to :


          If you are using WebLogic and connecting directly to the bi_server1 server (port 9704), you will need to deploy some J2EE application to the Context Root of , however changing the root context from /analytics to /xyz/Analytics is not something that is documented in OBIEE 11g, and therefore it is NOT supported by Oracle. Of course not :)

          You should be looking into Virtual IP like the one mentioned in this note : Disaster Recovery for OBIEE 11g / Cold Failover [ID 1368775.1]

          Or if you are already using different webserver like OHS , you can change as per this note : How To Configure WebTier / Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) With OBIEE 11g [ID 1327444.1]

          Hope this helps. Mark if it does.