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    Debugging help

      When I run the SQL Developer ( debugger, I see a break-point named "Oracle exception,Persistent" in the breakpoints tab of the debugger. The debugger does not seem to stop at my defined break-points and just seems to do nothing. I cannot see any variables and when I try to step in or step over, nothing works.
      What could be wrong ?

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          First you need to make sure the procedure you are debugging has been compiled for debug; if it's correctly compiled you should see a small green bug over the procedure you want to debug in the navigator.

          If there is no such sign the you should right click on the procedure and select the compile for debug option.

          In case the procedure is already compiled for debug, and it still does not work then there may be problems connecting the debugger to the database, normally it's the database that tries to connect to your PC, so you'll have to make sure the database server can correctly identify your PC and connect to the debug port used by SQLDeveloper.

          You can find various configurations for the debugger in
          Tools -> Preferences -> Debugger
          The most useful preference to try here is the
          Prompt for Debugger Host for Database Debugging
          this will enable a pop-up where you can enter your local IP address so the database can connect without the need to correctly identify your working PC in the network.

          Also if you have firewalls you could change the port range used by the debugger to allowed ranges.
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            Thanks for your excellent help, I can now debug the procedures in SQL Developer.
            As of now I m able to debug within SQL Developer itself but would ideally like to debug it from my Java Application which calls these PLSQL stored procedures.

            So as soon as I enter some values in the Java application and try to save the data the Java Application calls the PLSQL procedure at this point I would like the debugger in SQL Developer to get activated , is this possible ? If yes please let me know how this can be done ?

            Please note my Java application is not a web-based app, its a client server application.

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              Is there a way where I can debug the PLSQL code from the time the code gets invoked through the Java Application ?
              Or is there no way possible ? Please advise.
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                You can definitely do this, it's called 'External' or 'Just In Time' debugging.

                Barry has a nice post on the subject
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                  Thanks , If I can make this happen this will help us a lot, I have a question though when I run the SQL Developer debugger it prompts for a URL where I enter the port number and the URL of the remote client. In my case I would like SQL Developer to pick values passed to the stored procedure from the Java Application. I invoke this Client server based Java application from Command prompt , it runs of a JBoss server locally on my PC. How can I find the URL of the JAva application, any help/ advice ?

                  Thanks again