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    Primavera P6 - hashing algorithms for user passwords?

      Hi everyone,

      I've got a problem which really bugs me. I am working on an application which should be able to get projects of a certain Primavera user. Connecting to the Oracle database server itself really works fine thanks to the ODAC. But now I want to verify if a user is a Primavera user.

      To verify if a user is an authenticated Primavera user I get the admprm$pm tablespace. This contains the table USERS which has all Primavera users saved. A simplified query to check if user is an authenticated Primavera user would be:

      SELECT * FROM admprm$pm.USERS WHERE user_name = "User" AND password = "password"

      Problem is: I have taken a look into the USERS table and I can't figure out how the password is hashed/encrypted. If I look into the USERS table the password field for admin shows the following value: +1:7WLn[<WXMyA5O{TEQHhpGi.>bbdw*a9+

      And I can't figure out what kind of hash/encryption algorithm it is. I set my passwords to easy ones like 1234 and googled the encrypted/hashed password in hope to find the corresponding algorithm but I couldn't succeed. If I can find out I can hash/encrypt the password the user entered and put it into the query.

      So could you please tell me how Primavera P6 v6.2.1 stores the Primavera passwords? And are there any differences to later or older versions?

      Best regards and thank you in advance,