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    OBI APPS for DB2 and SQL

      Hi all

      I understand Bi Apps is a set of standard predefined reports for different modules of diffrent ERPs like Oracle EBS, JD edwards, peoplesoft etc. I have seen on the compliance matrix Non Oracle db's like IBM DB2, Mircrosoft SQL etc are also supported. I would like to Know how these are supported for BI Apps standard reports as the underlaying data on this may not be of above supported applications. And the predifined ETL(informatica mappings may not match to the tables of these source Db's.

      Thanks for your Guidance
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          Ahsan Shah
          The "Tables" will be the same for the applications across the DB platforms (Oracle, DB2, etc). Informatica SQL is ANSI based so it is agnostic of the actual platform. Essentially, as long as the ERP systems are available on multiple DB platforms, OBIA will extract in the same manner (you just have to define the platform on the ETL SDE extractors). The DB platform does not change the ERP tables as far as I know.

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            Thanks For your reply.

            Based on this, i understand that OBI Apps works only on below applications (As given on matrix for with different supported database type specified on the matrix.

            1. EBS
            2. Siebel
            3. JD Edwards Enterprise One
            4. JD Edwards World
            5. PeopleSoft

            Am i right?. Kindly suggest.

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              Ahsan Shah
              The cert matrix is the best resource...yes. However, these are NOT the only ERP systems OBI Apps has adaptors for. There are also adaptors for SAP, RETEK, Maximo and other systems on other versions of OBIA.

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                Thanks Ahsan.

                Can you give me the link for latest matrix for OBI apps. I couldn't find it on my googling

                Thank you so much
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                  Ahsan Shah
                  Here you go: