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    NEW TO JAVA!! GUI help!

      I'm 16 yrs old and I just started programming as a hobby. In need help in how do to create an application that accepts data using a GUI interface. Not using JOptionPane methods

      The GUI should contain labels, textField, buttons, radio buttons, and checkboxes. Any other components can be added.

      The GUI should be placed in an Applet and executed from an HTML file.

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          If you are looking for some good answers I suggest that you describe your problem/question better. I am sure there are plenty here who would help. If you are a beginner it is good know that there are many of us here who are quite rude and cheeky, but don't give up and don't care about them.
          What are you exactly trying to do? What are your goal? What are you creating and how do you want to create it?

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            Here's a recommendation: If you're just starting with Java, don't write an applet as your first project. You will find yourself being distracted from learning Java by problems with unrelated things like running and configuring a web site.
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              You will learn how to program in java and, of course, how to create GUI with labels, textFields, buttons, radio buttons, check-boxes and any other components.