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    Getting started Login and Password forgotten

      Hello I am a newbie (very, very newbie) I have downloaded Oracle 11g express and I am having problems with it, I have clicked on getting started and it is asking for Login and password. (now I have had issues previously with this install and have installed and deinstalled various times) I did not get asked to set a password up this time round (cannot remember if I was the first time round to be honest)

      but now it is asking for login and password and I do not have a clue what it could be. How do I resolve this issue.

      NB ( abit of history on my situation may also help you) As explained above I am a newbie, I am trying to learn SQL and the site I am looking at advised to download oracle 10g but on your oracle download site 11g express was there but not the 10g so I downloaded that. I had not been able to get any further with this for over a week, as I could not get oracle to work to begin with was getting Http:/ 4950' error, I have got that issue resolved now, from looking at this forum, however on the tutorial it shows, after installation the tutor goes to start/ all programs/Oracle Database 10g Express Edition/Go To Database home page, I do not have this in Oracle 11g express edition but I clicked on Getting started, it asked for the login and password and I do not know it.

      Please help

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