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    Weblogic config restores wrong old files on boot


      I'm installing a new weblogic domain for an environment from a source env and once I configure everything in the config.xml and the surrounding domain config files I start the admin and everything is fine. The settings in the domain are correct.

      Then I start one of the JVMs and during boot the old config.xml (from source env) appears along with its backups and uses the old config.xml.

      Why does that happen?

      I tried deleting domain_bak in servers dir, I cleaned all JVM cache but the old files still get restored. I see them listed in domain_bak's file __deleted_files_index__ but only their names are there, nothing more.

      What to do??

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          I understood that there is a managed server that is using the old config.xml; did you try deleting the managed server directory? I had a problem like this some years ago and I had to delete this directory (I had made a backup before) and then I started that managed server and a new directory was created with the new configuration.

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