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    How should I debug a PVM that is crashing & rebooting too fast ?

      I have a newly created oel4u6 PVM that appears to be starting but then crashing & rebooting too fast and I don't know how to best debug it. The vm is a P2V'ed oel4u6 HP Blade that successfully boots as a HVM but I can't seem to get it to fully start as a PVM (I have several clones that I am working with to contrast/compare).

      I can't seem to get the console to start fast enough to show me anything useful as the crash is within seconds.

      I likely can flip the VM back to HVMPV mode or HVM and boot to the original kernel but if I boot to another kernel I am not sure what files in the VM (if any) may give any insight on the failed starts/crashed.*

      Anyone have any ideas/recommendations on how to debug this?*

      The message from xend.log is:

      [2013-03-31 07:45:32 3273] WARNING (XendDomainInfo:2131) Domain has crashed: name=0004fb0000060000b0d58463f621a2a3 id=37.
      [2013-03-31 07:45:32 3273] ERROR (XendDomainInfo:2265) VM 0004fb0000060000b0d58463f621a2a3 restarting too fast (Elapsed time: 1.654993 seconds). Refusing to restart to avoid loops.
      [2013-03-31 07:45:32 3273] ...

      More details as to the specific HVM kernel & PVM kernel & the process I used to get the PVM to at least get to load grub are in this thread looking for a good step-by-step guide on the recommended process:

      Good guide to convert oel4 hvm to pvm on OVM 3.2.1 ?