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    Insert Record with Parent/Child Tables doesn't work with Oracle - unlike AC


      I just Migrated a MS Access 2010 Database to an Oracle 11g Backend with the SQL Developer Tool.
      The Migration went fine, all the Tables and Views are migrated.

      I'm working with MS Access as Frontend.
      The application has some Datasheets with Subdatasheets with Parent/Child Relationship. (1-n Relationship)

      After changing to Oracle, it's not possible, to Insert a new Record in a Subdatasheet I always get the following Error Message:

      "The Microsoft Access database engine cannot find a record in the table 'xxxx' with key matching field(s) 'zzzzz'"

      It used to work perfect with the MS Access Backend, do I need a trigger which first adds the child Record ?
      Or what should I do?

      Thank you