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    how to install GRC "content" sets of models

      Hello all,

      I have successfull install of GRC But still i can't find how to install/setup *xml content models in it.
      For example i have downloaded and unzipped following module/part of GRC :
      Oracle Procure to Pay Transaction Controls :
      - EBS-11510/
      - EBS-R12/

      Inside EBS folders, there are *xml files. ( some of them are for non-english languages ).

      Also in AACG ( Oracle Application Access Controls Governor ) which comes with grc.war/ear and again this "content" folder ( one for EBS11 and one for EBS12 ), in which there are the same type of xml files.

      My question is how to setup/configure/import these "content" type xml files in GRC ?
      Or where to read about it.

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