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    Create database on RAC environment - DBCA hangs on clone database creation

      Hi, friends!

      I have two vm´s (vmware 2) with OEL 5 installed.
      I´ve installed OGI and database software sucessfully. So, my crs stack is working fine in both two nodes.

      However, when i use DBCA to create a database in this RAC environment, it hangs when it gets on "clone database creation", about 52% of the progress bar.

      My DBCA logs don´t point any error out. It just hangs on..
      I wait about 4 hours and it doesn´t move on.

      I searched and found many cases like that, including here in OTN. But it seems nobody could find a resolution to this issue.

      Is there any bug about OEL 5 and database 11gR2??

      More details:
      I apllied the patch "p8670579_112010_LINUX" on both OGI installation (before root.sh) and databae software install (also before root.sh).
      Everything worked fine.

      Sorry for the grammar errors.