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    HOw ASM 11g strips data?


      Suppose i have diskgroup with 50 disks having Coarse Stripping when a process try to write data into this group how ASM will strips its data?.
      what anatolmy will asm follow to strip data? it will write on all disk at time? or just first 4 disk will consult and will write data when done with it than other 4 or 8 disks are consult? how be the process of data striping??.

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          Hi Asad,

          Refer Fig 1-6 of below oracle doc


          Ajay More
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            You may also want to get this book to know the details (anatomy) of ASM's working.

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              Its not for free :)
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                Asad99 wrote:
                Its not for free :)
                Not everything that's free is worth getting and not everything that's worth getting is actually free! This book falls in the later category.

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                  ASM stripes data in a round robin fashion among disks within a failure group. The number of disks involved depends on stripe size and amount of data. She stripe size depends on the database file and is defined by templates. Oracle provides a default template, but you can customize templates to meet unique requirements. Each disk group has a default template associated with each file type.
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                    D Tej

                    Yes it uses round robin style and ASM stripes files across all the disks within the disk group thus increasing performance, each stripe is called an ‘allocation unit’. ASM offers two types of stripping which is dependent on the type of database file

                    Coarse Stripping which is used for datafile, archive logs (1MB stripes)
                    Fine Stripping which is     used for online redo logs, controlfile, flashback files(128KB stripes)