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    Error while starting Sun Directory Server 6.0

      I recently migrated from Sun Directory Server 5.2 to Sun Directory Server 6.0. I am trying to start the server. I get the following error

      bash-3.2# ./start-slapd
      Enter PIN for Internal (Software) Token:
      Enter PIN for Internal (Software) Token:
      [29/Mar/2013:11:39:47 -0400] - ERROR<4780> - SSL - conn=-1 op=-1 msgId=-1 - Security Initialization: Unable to authenticate to slot for cipher family cn=RSA,cn=encryption,cn=config ( error -8177 - The security password entered is incorrect. )
      Server not running!! Failed to start ns-slapd process.

      Please help me here. I dont know the PIN for Internal (Software) Token. Please help.