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    BPM gets confused in process tracking


      In my bpm model there are some steps where the same activity is repeated (any number of times) in other words the flow can return to a particular activity many times for example the flow could dictate that the activity "Document Review" was accessed previously 2 times (the first time user1 was assigned and the second time user2) and currently the activity "Document Review" is in progress (assigned to user3). The problem is that if I see the process tracking tab in the section "Open Activities" I can see that the activity name is correct but it appears that bpm gets confused and shows information about the first time that activity was accessed (because the "Assigned to" column shows user1 instead of user3 and and the dates shown are from the the first time that the activity was completed and not from the third one in progress). In the section "Audit Trail" all is correct.