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    Number of Characters on Compliance tab

      14 characters can be entered (including decimal places) as a number on the Compliance tab. Sample values of numbers that can be entered include:
      •     0.1234567891234
      •     123.12345678912
      •     1234.1234567891
      •     123456789.12345

      However an error message is returned if over 10 whole numbers are entered for UOM of Compliance
      •     12345678912. = error message = “You have exceeded the maximum number of characters for this field”

      Therefore, if requesting 8 decimal places then can only enter values in the hundred-thousands (i.e. 100,000. – 999,999.) if more digits are entered (+1,000,000) than it just chops off from display the last decimal place if there are over 14 characters total.
      Is this understanding correct? Thank you.
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          We use the .net 32 bit max integer rule for max length. In .net the max value for certain types is set to 2147483647, so it cannot parse the numbers properly that exceed this value.
          See: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.int32.maxvalue.aspx

          There may be a workaround for this specific field since its a double, but we need to understand the business case for needing such a large number. Since there is a UOM designation we would hope when you reach such a large number you would adjust your UOM instead.

          Hope this helps