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    Calling a Sub Template which contains different formatting


      I have a RTF template that has 1 big for each group loop. Its looping on a type of Plan, and there are many plans. For each plan, lets say A, it will do a two sections of data, section 1 and section 2. Both those sections will display the data for the overall Plan A. Once that is complete, Plan B will start and this whole area containing section 1 and section 2 will repeat, however now being for Plan B. Make sense? My problem is that Section 2 needs to be in a different format. While section 1 is in normal formatting and a 1 column layout, I need Section 2 to be in the 2 column layout like a newspaper, so once it gets to the bottom of the page with results it goes back to where section 2 started but on the right side of the page and then go down to the bottom. Like a newspaper.

      I cannot get this to work with anything on the page. What I have tried was to make a sub tempate. This does work if I call the sub template by itself and NOT in the overall for each group. When I place it in the for each group, where I want it, it will call the sub template, however it will NOT bring over the sub template newspaper ( 2 column ) formatting, it will only print it to the report in one column. Calling the sub template from the main RTF simply ignores the 2 column formatting.

      The way I've found to remedy this is to actually make the call to the sub template, in the 2 column formatting. Good news, if I take this out of the main for each group and just put this on the very bottom of my report by itself, this works. However when I have in the grouping where I need it, it kicks me out errors and acts like the <?end for-each-group?> below that section does not have a begin xsl.

      Everytime I do any formatting to the area within the for each group, it seems to totally mess up the rest of the loop tags below it in the report.

      SO, has anyone ever called a sub template with a different page format??? Any help is appreciated!!!

      <?end for-each-group?>
      SECTION 2
      data data
      <?end for-each-group?>