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    Java compilation problem.. Please Help Me!


      I have downloaded logica smpp siimulator source code. In the source code, it contains directory /com/logica/smscsim/*.java. I try to modify the code in Simulator.java in smscsim folder. So I modify the code and compile with command

      javac -cp "lib/*:." Simulator.java

      A class Simulator.class was successfully build. But when I try to run the code with the command

      java -cp "lib/*:." Simulator

      I got error java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Simulator (wrong name: com/logica/smscsim/Simulator)

      Maybe it has something to do with the package. I successfully compile with old package with command java -cp "lib/*:." com.logica.smscsim.Simulator, but the problem is I need to modify the Simulator.java. I dont want to use the old com.logica.smscsim.Simulator. How do I use the newly created class for Simulator.java? Here's some code of Simulator.java that I successfully compiled, but fail to run:


      package com.logica.smscsim;

      import java.io.*;
      import java.util.*;

      import com.logica.smpp.debug.*;
      import com.logica.smpp.SmppObject;
      import com.logica.smpp.pdu.DeliverSM;
      import com.logica.smpp.pdu.WrongLengthOfStringException;
      import com.logica.smscsim.SimulatorPDUProcessor;
      import com.logica.smscsim.SimulatorPDUProcessorFactory;
      import com.logica.smscsim.util.BasicTableParser;
      import com.logica.smscsim.util.Table;

      public class Simulator
      static final String copyright =
      "Copyright (c) 1996-2001 Logica Mobile Networks Limited\n"+
      "This product includes software developed by Logica by whom copyright\n"+
      "and know-how are retained, all rights reserved.\n";

      static {

      * Name of file with user (client) authentication information.
      static String usersFileName = "users.txt";

      * Directory for creating of debug and event files.
      static final String dbgDir = "./";

      * The debug object.
      static Debug debug = new FileDebug(dbgDir,"sim.dbg");

      * The event object.
      static Event event = new FileEvent(dbgDir,"sim.evt");

      public static final int DSIM = 16;
      public static final int DSIMD = 17;
      public static final int DSIMD2 = 18;

      static BufferedReader keyboard =
      new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(System.in));

      boolean keepRunning = true;
      private SMSCListener smscListener = null;
      private SimulatorPDUProcessorFactory factory = null;
      private PDUProcessorGroup processors = null;
      private ShortMessageStore messageStore = null;
      private DeliveryInfoSender deliveryInfoSender = null;
      private Table users = null;
      private boolean displayInfo = true;

      private Simulator()

      * The main function of the application displays menu with available
      * options.
      public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException
      Simulator menu = new Simulator();


      Appreciate help from anyone...