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    M4000 memory show deconfigured after memory board upgrade

      Dear All,

      We inserted three new memory boards (16GB each) into M4000, but only two memory board show, and the other two are deconfigured.
      Below is the part of the result of showhardconf:
      * MEMB#0 Status:Deconfigured; Ver:0101h; Serial:BF1014790K ;
      + FRU-Part-Number:CF00541-0545 09 /541-0545-09 ;
      * MEM#0A Status:Deconfigured;
      + Code:ce0000000000000001M3 93T5660QZA-CE6 4151-522b0942;

      What could be the possible cause of this?
      How can I have the other two memory modules to be seen on the server?