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    Invoking fuser on oraclepki.jar

      In the 10g release notes -- http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/docs/aiasoarelnotes10g-401744.html , following issue is mentione

      "The Installer pauses in the Configuration Wizard when processing the Run One-off Generic OPatches object in the configuration list with the following message:
      Invoking fuser on /scratch/10135/jlib/oraclepki.jar.

      Workaround: Use grep to search for the fuser process two times and kill the oraclepki.jar and ojpse.jar processes."

      My installation is paused at the same error. When I invoke ps -e | grep fuser, it does not find any process. Could anyone help?

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          I was able to find fuser process and kill it. After that opatch fails

          Problems when checking for files that are active.
          The following files have active processes when there should be no activity.
          Before you proceed, shutdown and stop all active processes.
          1. /scratch/chetpati/product/
          2. /scratch/chetpati/product/

          ERROR: OPatch failed during pre-reqs check.