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    Grid Clusterware

      Hi all,

      SLES 11

      Kindly help me in this undertaking.
      Oracle® Enterprise Manager Grid Control Installation and Configuration Guide
      10g Release 5 (
      Part Number E10953-15
      18 Configuring Enterprise Manager for Active and Passive Environments
      18.1 Using Virtual Host Names for Active and Passive High Availability Environments in Enterprise Manager Database Control
      Set Up the Alias for the Virtual Host Name and Virtual IP Address
      You can set up the alias for the virtual host name and virtual IP address by either allowing the clusterware to set it up automatically or 
      by setting it up manually before installation and startup of Oracle services. The virtual host name must be static and resolvable consistently 
      on the network. All nodes participating in the setup must resolve the virtual IP address to the same host name. Standard TCP tools similar 
      to nslookup and traceroute commands can be used to verify the set up.
      My question is, for the paragraph above, there seems to be missing details. It is assumed that the reader already know how to do it?

      Can you help me find the missing detail docs for this?