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    Installation of oracle 11gR2 grid infrastructure to setup asm(11.2) on AIX

      I am installing oracle 11gR2 grid infrastructure to setup ASM on an Active/passive cluster(Non Rac) on Aix 7.1,

      There are two p720 database severs in production, in Active/Passive mode,

      Both servers connected to common storage i.e.

      san hdisk5 1TB (Lun1)

      san hdisk6 1350 GB (Lun2)

      As part of installation,

      - Checked Hardware and software requirements to install Oracle 11gR2 Grid
      - on AIX 7.1 Operating system Created required operating system groups for
      ASM i.e.
      asmadmin, asmdba, asmoper and for oracle i.e. oinstall(primary
      group), assigned these groups to Oracle & grid users.
      - By Using SMIT application configured shell limits and system Configuration
      - Created required directories and configured Oracle user’s environment.
      - Ran "rootpre.sh” script,

      After run the Installer, the OUI not able to identify the candidate
      disks(LUNS) to create the ASM diskgroups.

      hdisk0 00f73519e015a7f6 rootvg active
      hdisk1 00f73519e015a78b rootvg active
      hdisk2 00f73519e015a70d None
      hdisk3 00f80c6cf134e241 backupvg active
      hdisk4 00f80c6cf134e2f7 backupvg active
      hdisk5 none None
      hdisk6 none None

      Do i need to configure any thing so that OUI can able to identify the candidate disks?