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    Best version of OVM for Cloud

      What could be the best OVM release for Oracle Cloud - any one of the stable 2.x? or is it the latest 3.2.x ? OVM 3 is being adopted, I have seen. There are vast changes in OVMM GUI in 3.x.
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          Silviog -Oracle
          Hi Jigisha,

          I understand you're planning to build a private cloud based on OVM.

          In general terms we can safely say that the latest version is always the best choice. Oracle generally fixes all high impacting known bugs before a new release, plus introduces a number of enhancements that add value to the newer product. There is no reason to believe that an older version would be more stable, unless a specific unknown bug exists in the newer version.

          You can find more information on Oracle VM at http://www.oracle.com/us/technologies/virtualization/oraclevm/overview/index.html .
          You may also want to explore the Private Cloud page at http://www.oracle.com/us/solutions/cloud/private/overview/index.html .

          Regards, Silvio Garber
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            Oracle OVM 3.2 providing greater operational efficiency with improved ease-of-use, and more automated processes including full command-line support.
            Designed for ease of use and rapid deployment, new features of Oracle VM 3.2 include: