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    Two repository online in OBIEE 11g

      Hi All,

      Is it possible to make two repository online in OBIEE 11g.

      If yes, then give me suggestion how to create it.

      Thanks in advance
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          Rupesh Shelar

          using MUD u can open multiple instances of rpd to do the changes but that will be offline mode ,that is best possible method instead of opening online

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            thanks for reply,

            Atually we want two repositories online at time.

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              It is not possible. Only way to do that would be to create two BI stacks with two different URLs.

              I have seen companies do that specially across different departments, for example one stack for Finance, while another for HR. But unless its for security reasons, it should be avoided. This is one of the top costly mistakes while implementing BI. See article below (point #11):

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                You cant have 2 RPD's in online mode loaded in OBIEE 11g as now everything is managed by EM.

                Where as in OBIEE 10g you could do that by creating 2 ODBC DSN's one for each mentioned in nqsconfig.ini file

                [ REPOSITORY ]
                Star     = sample.rpd, DEFAULT;
                SecondStar = SecondRepository.rpd;

                follow this doc for details http://allaboutobiee.blogspot.com/2012/03/open-multiple-rpd-online-in-obiee-10g.html and http://gerardnico.com/wiki/dat/obiee/repository

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                  Thanks for reply,

                  I have create two BI servers and two Presentation servers.

                  i doing changes in analytics.ear file.

                  I took the analytics.ear Enterprise Application deployment file, I uncompressed, I changed the ports in the web.xml file for both ananlytics.war and analytics-ws.war I renamed all of them and I created a new analytics2.ear file.
                  Then I deployed it in the Weblogic Administration Console, bifoundation_domain -> Deployments. Summary of deployments -> Control -> Install.

                  but when i going to install it show errors.

                  Could please give me details, how to create multiple BI servers and how to link with respective presentation server.