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    UCM Data Control (getItems)

      Hi All,
      I am trying to display Webcenter content data in Tree structure using Data Controls getItems function.
      I am able to display folder/subfolder and files in ADF tree.When I click on any file in Tree node , i am able to see corresponding file in same window and its Metadata info. I am able to update the corresponding selected file metadata information using RIDC library.

      Isuee i am getting, When i click on file on any sub folder in Tree , I could not see corresponding file..But I select top folder files in tree , i can cooresponding file and metadata info.

      When I drog drop the getItems function in ADF web page, i just select Tree component and custom data field in data control.

      Any idea , Why i don't see subfolder files in my page when i select in tree node. Do i need to logic on Tree to onSelection node?

      Thanks in Advance.