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    Beehive - Source and Destination address or set of addresses

      I have a financial customer who has a question about Source and Destination address or set of addresses.

      They need to supply a Source and Destination address or set of addresses, with a Netmask. Does Oracle have the IP address(es) and Netmask(s) they would need for Beehive? And would they be the Source or Destination?

      Would the IP come from the Beehive server? The bank would need specific IPs or a range of IPs that will be used. So if all Beehive exist in 123.456.789.xxx, they would be able to enter it that way, but the preference is to identify each IP separately.

      Also, assuming the bank and Oracle are communicating, which one will be the Source and which one will be the Destination?

      If this is not something we can supply them, I would then need something - an explanation - to provide them that would pacify their needs.

      Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.

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          The communication between the bank and Beehiveonline would normally be via the ip address which is the VIP for BeehiveOnline. This would be the bi-directional channel for communications via https, webDAV and the proprietary protocols for the OBEE and OBEO.

          The only time we have any change is if you use FTPS and because we have passive channels set up the data transfer channel is handed off to one of the mid-tiers to handle the traffic directly so bank to Oracle would be throuigh until the connection is established and then one of the mid-tiers will handle the trafic between the 2 end-points - this means the traffic will be bi-directional on one of the 3 ip addersses,,

          Hopefully, this will satisfy the bank.